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Youth and Junior bike coaching
Youth Junior & Kids Coaching
Youth Coaching  
Regular youth and juniors sessions. Pay for private tution or book through British Cycling for a session funded by the HSBC Go-Ride Programme and Scottish Cycling. 

Friday 28/08/2020 : Friday  04/09/2020

October Holiday Sessions:  

The Academy Sessions.
Train or ride with more independence after a 2 day coaching and leadership course for 12-17 year olds.
Day One: Skills coaching and practical examples of coaching theory aimed at young riders.
Day Two: Adventure and basic leadership skills. This course is ideal for DofE candidates and any young person looking to gain greater confidence in the outdoors.  

Maximum Group Size 8: 2 coaches
October  17th and 18th. Glentress
Two day course. £55 per rider. Book Here

Skills Camps.
2 hour morning sessions for 7-9 year olds and 3 hour afternoon sessions for 10-13 year olds. Let your rider develop their skills and hone their riding on the best trail and off piste trails Glentress has to offer. Each session will cover a mix of trail riding and skills coaching aimed at the age and stage of the riders. Trail choice will be determined by the riders ability and the weather. 

Maximum Group Size 6 riders: 1 coach 
October 12th and 14th. Glentress
Morning session. 10am -12 £15 (riders aged 7-9) Book Here
Afternoon session. 1pm-4 £20 (riders aged 10-13)  Book Here.

Innerleithen Mini Heroes.
45mins (2 sessions for Primary 1 or Primary 2) 
A chance for young riders to have fun learning new skills or improve the ones they already have. 
 his is a small group activity aimed at Primary 1s who are maybe on their first real bike or still skooting. If your child rides with stabilizers this could be the time to "level up" and try without them. 
 This session will have the benefit of a kids eye view, one or more of our Academy Riders will be on hand to offer some "big girl or big boy" tips to the next generation and will have had input into the programme design as part of their Academy Camp training. 
Meeting at Victoria Park, Innerleithen, EH44 6QT 
Maximum Group Size 6 riders: 1 coach  
October 16th (only date at present)
Afternoon session. Primary 1. 4pm - 4.45 £3 Book Here.
Afternoon session. Primary 2. 5pm - 5.45 £3 Book Here.

Need help at your own club? Club support through Scottish Cycling is also available from The Bike Coach. Email for more info.

Advanced and beginner MTB skills
Adult Training & Coaching
Everyday can be a school day. What will you learn today?  

Based around your motivation we have the following sessions on offer:

Getting more active - Introductory health and confidence based sessions  for beginners
Getting more confident - Road Riding  or MTB Skills for beginner and intermediate riders
Getting Progressive - MTB trails skills, moving away from trail centre routes
Getting Race ready - Training for competitive road and MTB. We can provide skills coaching or periodised training plans.  
Email for more info
All of the above available with a theme of inclusion for riders of all ability on all types of cycle. 
A word on training plans.
Individually crafted annual and short term training plans are available following online and in person athlete consultations. Whether you are looking to start cycling for weight loss or you want to perfect your game for the national championships you will have a specific set of needs and skills that The Bike Coach can help you get the most from.  Everyone is unique so why should your training plan be a generic, one size fits all plan? The majority of riders fail to meet their goals becuase the goals are not set correctly. Often we avoid what we aren't good at or compensate by doing more of the same. Is it time to progress with a little help?
Looking to stay fit and reduce the miles outside? The pandemic has created a whole lot of interest in indoor training and apps such as Zwift - get the most out of a little time on the bike or static trainers with athlete mentor support or full training plans
Get your bike repaired Innerleithen
Cycle Repair Scheme
We will be offering a limited number of free cycle & manual wheelchair repairs under the Scottish Government's Cycle Repair Scheme from the 10th of August. 
This scheme aims to get older and disused bikes back on the road with a service up to the value of £50.  
The Bike Coach will undertake to collect, inspect, service and return a bike within the EH44 and EH45 postcode areas as well as offering a pop up repair shop in isolated Borders communities by request. 
Our basic or bronze service will include:  
  • A full bike inspection and safety check 
  • An estimate of the cost required to make the bike road worthy 
  • Gear indexing, brake alignment & adjustment, drive chain lubrication. 

The bronze service element has a nominal cost of £35 so there isn't much wriggle room for the price of a voucher. In the spirit of keeping bikes in use we will seek to minimise your expense by offering to upcycle quality used parts if this helps us stay in budget. 
If any work or parts required to make the bike safe are likely to take you over the value of the voucher we must seek your agreement before conducting the work. 
For more information on the scheme: 

To book local inspection and collection:
Adult Education
Adult Education. Leadership and Coaching Courses Offered:
British Cycling Coaching Qualifications (formerly UKCC)
Level 1, 2 + Discipline Specific Units and mentoring**  
Chris has helped develop and deliver British cycling's suite of professional coaching wards for more then 10 years. If you would like to start out or progress in the world of sports coaching you can find course details and dates here:
UK Coaching - Fundamentals of Movement (intro to S&C)*  

Cycling Scotland
Cycle Ride Leader  (CLR) Award.
***NEW Government Guidance forbids rides over 2 households or 6 over 12s unless as part of an organised sporting activity*** (14/9/2020)
Over one day, train to lead organised rides of up to 8 people.
Learn the essentials or bike repairs, skills assessment, route planning and more in a jam packed one day course. Successful completion of this course results in the awarding of either Cycle Ride Leader Award (age 18+) or Assistant Ride Leader Award (age 16+). The scope of this award is quite roads and off road tracks but NOT mountain bike trails.
For clubs or groups looking to "organise sporting opportunities this is an ideal course plus you can learn from examples of groups already compliant with government guidance,   More information on the award contents.

Contact us nowto arrange bespoke training for groups of up to 8 people aged 16 & over. Measures will be put in place to reduce the risks posed by Covid 19.

Scheduled courses: October 

Inclusive Cycle Training and Leading CPD
Developed by Chris to benefit all coaches, instructors or leaders. This course focusses on your practice and not a participants ability.

CWPS (Child protection training for coaches and officials)*  
CWPS is an essential pre-requisite for all sports coaches and volunteers. This course covers the legal and practical requirements for keeping children safe within our sessions and organisations.
Coaching Talent Workshops  *
Coach Connect Workshops
Various 3 hour CPD opportunities covering subjects as diverse as Talent Development, Growth and Maturation, Coordination & Control, Physical Literacy and more...

Children 1st 
CWPO Officer Training (Formerly called In Safe Hands) *
This course is aimed at wellbeing and welfare officers but should also be attended by club organisers. Covers the nuts and bolts of responding to concerns and gives a great overview of the policies and procedures a club should have in place when working with under 18s.
* Due to Covid 19 all courses (*) have been postponed. 
**The restart of British Cycling Courses will be from October. 

Disability cycling
Inclusive Cycle Coaching and Training

Due to Covid 19 all 2020 courses have been cancelled. 
The restart of British Cycling Courses will be from September. 
All other courses are currently on hold.

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